Winds of Change in the Power Sector: The Top 10 Global Wind Turbine Companies

In a power-starved world, wind energy has emerged as a savior. With wind energy towers becoming taller, blades larger, and wind farms bigger,…

Wind energy is the top choice when it comes to setting up networks of renewable energy resources. Herein are the top-10 wind turbine companies in the world.

In a power-starved world, wind energy has emerged as a savior. With wind energy towers becoming taller, blades larger, and wind farms bigger, wind turbines are now considered an extremely worthwhile investment. Here are the top ten wind turbine companies that account for around 75% share in the global market.

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1. Vestas

The world’s leading wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas has a global footprint of around 60,000 wind turbines installed in close to 75 countries. The company holds around 16% of the global wind turbine market. In 2017, Vestas commissioned Dong Energy’s 258MW Burbo Bank Extension off England’s north-west coast.

HQ: Denmark

Latest Offerings:

  • Vestas InteliLight, which activates turbine aviation lights whenever an aircraft is flying in the immediate vicinity of a wind power plant.
  • V117-4.2 MW, V136-4.2 MW.
2. Siemens Gamesa

With the merger of Siemens and Gamesa, the company has become one of the largest manufacturers of wind turbines. Siemens Gamesa already has a strong foothold in North America, and is now expanding at a rapid pace in emerging economies like China, India, and Latin America. Though the company is facing tough competition in Germany, its expanded portfolio is sure to help it sail through.

HQ: Spain

Latest Offerings:

  • Gamesa 2.0 MW – known for its versatility and maximum production.
  • Onshore Geared Turbines
  • Onshore Direct Drive Turbines
3. GE

GE began with the one turbine wind model, and today provides a full suite of turbines created for a variety of environments. With over 25,000 wind turbines installed globally, GE is one of the world’s leading wind turbine suppliers.

After struggling with the 3.2- 3.8 MW family, the company is now heavily dependent on its 1.7-1.85MW and 2.0-2.5MW workhorse platforms to bring in the sales.

HQ: United States

Latest Offerings:

  • Digital Wind Farm – built on the Predix software platform, this is a comprehensive hardware and software solution for 2MW and 3MW wind turbine products.
  • 7-100/103 Turbine for high energy capture in low wind speed environments.
4. Goldwind

Among the “Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World”, Goldwind has an installed capacity of 41GW across 20 countries. Goldwind’s American subsidiary is a famous acquisition in the company’s arsenal.

Recently, Goldwind signed a MoU with the Saudi Arabian government to research investment opportunities and potential manufacturing sites. A letter of intent has also been signed with Swedish storage company SaltX to develop a ‘solution for wind power with integrated energy storage.’

HQ: China

Latest Offerings:?GW 6.X, 3.0, and 2.5


ENERCON has a major presence in 26 countries and works diligently in smaller markets like Vietnam, Taiwan, Bolivia, and Estonia. During its “Bois de Merdelou” project, ENERCON surpassed the crucial 3?gigawatt mark with its wind energy converters. This year, ENERCON plans to establish its new training center in North Rhine-Westphalia.

HQ: Germany

Latest Offerings:

  • New modular EP3 3.5MW
  • EP4 (4.2 MW)
  • EP8 (7.58 MW)
6. Nordex Group

Since 2000, Nordex Group has been delivering wind turbines on its proven multi-MW platform. Based on shared technical platform generations, Nordex’s product range currently comprises of Generation Gamma, Generation Delta, and Delta4000.

HQ: Germany

Latest Offerings:

  • 3MW Delta Platform
  • Delta4000
  • Tubular Steel Tower with a diameter of 4.3 meters
7. Senvion

Senvion develops, produces, and sells wind turbines with nominal powers that range between 2 and 6.2 megawatts. Though in 2016, the company failed to make onto the list of top 10 global wind turbine companies, today Senvion is back on the list due to its cumulative capacity, international reach, and turbine portfolio.

HQ: Germany (Owned by US)

Latest Offerings:

  • MM92 Turbine
  • 7M144 Turbine
8. United Power

One of China’s largest state-owned power generators, United Power is the second biggest wind turbine manufacturer after Goldwind. The company holds around 5% of the market share and has an installed capacity of around 3.09 GW.

HQ: China

Latest Offerings:

  • 2MW Turbine (97-metre rotor diameter)
  • 3MW Turbine (120 meters)
9. Envision Energy

Envision Energy has provided innovative turbine solutions since its foundation in 2007. One of the largest smart energy asset management companies, Envision Energy has an imposing number of 12 GW smart turbines in operation globally.

HQ: China

10. Suzlon

India’s leading turbine maker, Suzlon specializes in setting up wind turbine networks of 2 GW power capacities. Its cumulative capacity is close to 17 GW of turbines operating in Europe, Australia, Latin America, and North America.

Suzlon is gaining wide recognition in the development of wind energy solutions and has also forayed into the solar energy segment.

HQ: India

Latest Offerings:

  • S97 Wind Turbine Generator
  • S111 Wind Turbine Generator
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