Smart Bathrooms: How is Digitalization Redefining Our Private Space?

Smart bathroom technology looks to attain the balance between aesthetics & functionality- bringing digitalization to our most private space inside the home.

Homes powered by technological innovations, aka ‘smart homes’ are a real estate trend that is here to stay. While bathrooms can often be taken for granted when it comes to rooms in a house, they can benefit heavily from smart technology. Toilets with seat warmers, soaking tubs with chromatherapy, and LCD shower panels to control shower temperature, water flow, and steam, are examples of smart bathroom technology. Read: How IoT is helping homes get smarter

Top 5 Ways in Which Smart Bathroom Technology is Redefining the Future of Bathrooms

1) Futuristic Flushing- Best way to save water and maintain cleanliness

While a conventional toilet uses around 1.6 gallons of water per flush, smart toilets can sense the quantity of water required for the job. For instance, in case of smaller flushes, as little as 0.6 gallons of water is used per flush. This technology is extremely useful, as most countries are grappling with serious water problems. Though the amount of power required to operate smart toilets remains a concern, battery operated smart toilets are gradually gaining popularity.

Another way in which smart toilets save water is through overflow protection. Smart bathroom technology stops flushing if the toilet is clogged, which keeps water levels in the bowl low.

Lastly, futuristic flushing makes smart toilets more desirable. It provides a clean pot every time, and prevents the spread of germs, making the whole process far more pleasant.

2) Chromotherapy?Showers

It’s time to move on from traditional aromatherapy sessions. Smart bathroom technology has brought lights into play, and the brand new chromatherapy showers optimize your mood by washing all the stress away. This emotionally influential technology has eight different hues to choose from depending on your mood and preference.

Kohler, a leading name in smart bathroom technology, is one of the leading vendors of chromatherapy showers.

3)?Waterproof TVs

Forget about carrying a radio, carrying your iPad to the bathroom is also passé. Enter waterproof TV, a device that can play your favorite programs, doesn’t require a remote controller, and provides optimal sound quality. Aside from waterproof TVs,?Bluetooth shower-heads have also added an element of entertainment into smart bathrooms.?Read:?Who are The Top 5 Global Vendors of Bathroom Taps?

4)?Privacy glasses

Natural light is important, but privacy is paramount. The latest addition to smart bathroom technology is privacy glasses. These glasses are operated using an app and can be turned opaque or transparent depending on your requirement.

There are also smart bathroom mirrors that can change the lighting depending on the situation. While several light up automatically as you approach, others adjust in line with the natural sunlight.

5)?Towel warmers

If anything, smart bathroom technology has surely solved the problem of dealing with wet towels. Towel warming drawers are one step closer to turning your bathroom into a thoughtfully automated habitat. These drawers not only help organize your towels, but also keep them warm and toasty for the subsequent usage.

Takeaway:?The entire concept of smart bathroom technology hinges on attaining a balance between aesthetics and functionality. With phones, watches, and our drawing rooms turning ‘smart,’ it is only logical that bathrooms embrace this technological innovation as well. With this aspect in mind, leading brands like Jaquar, Toto, Grohe, and Kohler have launched a whole range of smart bathroom accessories.

Building smart infrastructure is a giant step towards a greener and cleaner environment. The bathroom is proving to be the best place for such a revolution to begin.

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