How Secure is your Connected Homes System?


Information and communication technology (ICT) is perhaps undergoing one of the major metamorphosis of its times. Intelligent networks and high-performance infrastructure have broadened the applications of ICT to various aspects of our lives. ICT has emerged as the most trusted support system for the data on the cloud, secure financial transactions, and the safety of our homes and the nation at large.

At the same time, it is important that one treads carefully into the web of online security and data protection. We bring you two unique cases which have been hugely influenced, as well as benefitted by the advancements in ICT. While in one case the precarious nature of IT has been highlighted, another case shows how ICT can help in simplifying life.

Data Security: I will find me!

You must have heard, “if it is on the internet, it isn’t private.” With umpteen number of cases wherein the sensitive details of individuals and organizations have been leaked, foolproof measures of online security are the need of the day. The fear of finding details about yourself littered on the internet is another trigger for many data security companies to develop server security and data protection solutions. Keeping this fact in mind, Intel and Honeywell International, for instance, are innovating on AMP and intruder detection systems.

And if you still think that data security is a rather over-hyped topic, remember the DMC hack in mid-2016? The Democratic National Committee’s data loss was a gentle reminder about the fragile fabric of digital security, and its impact at the domestic and international level. As international wars are going digital, and Internet of Things (IoT) is a new reality, the panic around data security is anything but hype.

Industry analysts at Technavio believe the merging of physical security systems along with online security to be the best solution for data breaches. Increased use of Docker container technology and focus on SLAs are other critical factors driving the data center market. This is why industry experts expect the global market for the data center to grow at a CAGR of 10% in the next five years.

Is your home smart enough?

Smart is the new ‘cool.’ We have smartphones, smartwatches, and even smart cities. It is only natural that we turn our homes smarter too. Latest advancements in the area of ICT has made it a lot easier to turn your home into a safe and smart abode. Seamless integration of security and monitoring systems, along with features like temperature and ventilation control systems have given birth to the concept of connected homes.

The market of connected home security systems has further broadened with the trend towards remote arming of smart home alarm systems along with low power wi-fi. Research analysts at Technavio predict the APAC region to witness high demand for this product. In fact, according to their forecast, by 2021 the APAC’s connected home security systems market will be worth $1.76 billion.

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