Huge Impact of Big Data on Healthcare Sector


The healthcare sector is under a major revamp. No, this time it is not about just reaching out to the poorest section of the population in a cost-effective manner. Rather it is about using the latest technology in the most comprehensible way possible. With concepts like ehealth and mHealth already making rounds in the healthcare industry, the maze of health-related data has immensely piled up. All that is required is a better analysis of this data in order to build actionable plans for efficient healthcare services. And what better way to do the same, than using the big data analytics.

Few Small Details about the Big Data

Yes, big data no doubt is really BIG! But did you know, that at the end of the day big data is composed of small little details which when used in the right manner can have a huge impact on the target group. Especially in case of healthcare, big data can be applied thoughtfully for better clinical analysis, effective utilization of the medical workforce, and improve the revenue of the those in healthcare business.

Drive towards electronic medical records (EMRs), along with favorable government policies have further boosted the adoption of big data services. Technavio’s latest report shows how the Americas have benefited the most by early adoption of this technology in the healthcare delivery services. Recently, Sutter Health’s switch to IT strategy and adoption of Hadoop is perhaps one of the best examples to substantiate the huge impact big data in the clinical, financial, and operational analytics.

Potential Bottlenecks?in the Adoption of Big Data

Already a lot has been said about how big data has the potential of changing the face of the healthcare industry. But often what remains unsaid is the fact that there is a huge skill gap within the healthcare data analytics sector. A huge chunk of medical professionals do not possess the skill set required to make most of the information which big data provides. This condition in fact nullifies all the positive aspects of this technology.

Thus the need of the hour is proper training of the professionals, so that they can utilize the data in a meaningful manner to improve patient outcomes and better drafting of better health policies.

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