Aqua Gym Equipment Market : Busting Obesity & Pipping the Scale through 2017-21

Amid tough competition, the global aqua gym equipment market is gaining traction, thanks to the rising wave of health consciousness and the former's wider applicability.

Obesity is a growing worldwide epidemic that can be attributed to sedentary lifestyles and lack of an exercise regimen amongst the young and old alike. For the clinically obese, aqua fitness offers a less strenuous yet equally beneficial option to exercise, wherein most of the workouts and activity happen in a swimming pool. This borrows from the fact that an obese body is more maneuverable in water.

There is no stopping obesity. Or, the random realization that many encounter when trying to justify their gastronomic and fitness habits. Thus, Technavio, after a detailed analysis of the incumbent scene and emerging trends, has postulated that the aqua gym equipment market will grow briskly, at a healthy CAGR and will be worth USD 946.176 million by the year 2021.

Demand and Supply : What’s Eating into the Demand for Aqua Gym Equipment?

Currently, the aqua gym equipment market faces a number of challenges that threaten its market share and visibility. From something as predictable as the high costs associated with setting up aqua gym equipment at home, to a deal breaker in the form of the unavailability of spare parts and after sales service and consequently, the long replacement cycle of the defective equipment.

Then, there is the severe lack of aqua fitness trainers who possess the necessary technical skills. Fueling the fire is also the intense competition amongst existing players – who don’t hesitate to indulge in price wars that is highly detrimental to their own margins as well as that of their competition. And finally, the average gym goer is also selectively wooed by practitioners of yoga, aerobics and other such disciplines.

These factors have been intimately analyzed in the market study and their impact fleshed out in detail.

Key Market Drivers : What’s Building the Demand for Aqua Gym Equipment?

As people are getting out of shape, they are forced to think about it, and take the plunge (quite literally). This sense of awareness is the greatest market enabler per the aqua gym equipment market. An unchecked growth in urbanization is aiding as well- with people moving into stressful environments and being forced to invest in fitness equipment. This trend is particularly rampant in Brazil, China and India.

Corporates and Government bodies alike are offering wellness initiatives and consequently encouraging the public to invest in fitness equipment. People are encouraged to join gyms or purchase equipment of their own, the latter is facilitated by the fact that online shopping is really booming, especially in high potential markets like China and India. E-commerce giants such as Alibaba and Amazon offer aqua gym equipment on their portals, tagged with commendable savings on each purchase, and are a preferred stop when brick-and-mortar stores are few and far between.

However, alongside the awareness that we discussed about earlier, the fear of skyrocketing medical costs is also acting as a motivator for individuals to invest in fitness equipment, including those pertaining to aqua fitness. Prevention is better than the cure, right?

The Technavio Advantage : Keeping You Afloat and Kicking…

In simple terms, manufacturers of aqua gym equipment will benefit from humanity’s evolving sense of self and the simpler bridges that potential customers will have to cross in order to indulge in some soothing, invigorating and energetic aqua fitness workouts. Technavio, your friendly market research leader, has quantified these findings in a comprehensive market report that explores the aqua gym equipment market of tomorrow from all angles and objectives. Sample this report for FREE from the links listed herein.

Check out the Technavio report featured in this article :


Global Aqua Gym Equipment Market 2017-2021

April 2017

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